BLOG: Museumnight 2015 in the Hague (The Underground paper’s website)

[Originally published on the now defunct The Underground paper’s website and mentioned on its Facebook page]

NutshuisThe 2015 edition of the Hague’s annual Museum Night was filled with art, performances, and music at 40 venues. Here were our top 3 favourites*:

Escher in het Paleis:

Starting the night at this former royal residence gave us just the right amount of energy to explore what was to come. Kids were scribbling their names on a digital graffiti wall as their parents tried to emulate Escher’s technique during a 3D-printing workshop. In a swanky ballroom, break dancers from Stichting Aight spread positive vibes to a public of all ages. Some captivating urban poetry followed, with verses that reminded us of the simple pleasures of strolling down the street, enjoying the rain and marvelling at Mother Nature.

Het Nutshuis:

A tall, black latex-clad dominatrix was warning a wide-eyed student “You look like a good girl. Sure you want to come in?” as we arrived at the red-lit Nutshuis. God was a silent disco DJ tonight playing 80s and 90s classics like Rick James’s ‘Superfreak’ or Madonna’s ‘Vogue’. In the pillow-filled basement, bemused visitors enjoyed an artsy S&M flick while sipping on mint tea,. But it was this former bank’s vault that held the programme deepest secret: Jodorowsky’s Holy Mountain, a movie so outrageously compelling that it was hard to peel ourselves away and head to the next venue.

Haags Historisch Museum:

After a quick run upstairs to get our photo snapped at the fake dune photo studio, complete with sunglasses and seashell necklaces, we piled up in the museum’s tiny salon, anxiously waiting for the arrival of jack-of-all-trades, Ellen ten Damme, who had just finished playing to a much larger audience at the Gemeentemuseum. Ellen accompanied herself on guitar, piano and MacBook tracks, effortlessly switching between banter about her new CD, a singalong about being afraid to be rich and a touching tribute to the migrants who list their lives in the waters off Lampedusa.

*We also visited the Volkspaleis at the Groote Kerk and the Gevangenpoort Museum


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